Like the seed of a fruit tree, the child has a miraculous life of its own. Providing the right environment, with freedom, respect and fun, the child will grow & develop into a healthy, balanced and well-rounded person. We have that right environment where children are cared for as if they were at their own homes. 

Our History

A love story with over 50 years passion to educate children.
With the vision of my father as an experienced educator and member of a family who owned and operated Green Valley College since 1960, along with my mother as the head teacher and infant caretaker, my husband and I decided to build and develop an exemplary child care preschool in the city of Yorda Linda. We were very aware, as most parents are, that the early years of Michael's life, from birth to 6 years, are the most important years in the formation of his personality.
And thus how Pine Tree Montessori was born.

we would like to invite you as parents to an orientation tour to meet our qualified teachers and view the many features of our facility. We would like you to experience the difference between our family operated school in comparison to corporation run preschools. At Pine Tree Montessori, we cater to each child's needs as though they are our own, as though they are Michael, as well as providing them with the right environment to grow and flourish.

A better world starts 
with better education.




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