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1. "Some how words can't express the gratitude we feel to you, all the teachers. We were truly blessed to have found you. When both Jaden and Naya moved to elementary school, the teachers commented on how so well both were prepared for school and asked where they went to preschool, of course I proudly chimed: Pine Tree Montessori in Yorba Linda. ( the best Montessori preschool). We feel the small emptiness in our lives since we stopped seeing you everyday, but our hearts are full with wonderful memories and deep appreciation for the wonderful care you have given our children."

2. We needed to find a child care provider for our son when he was 18 months old because my mother was no longer able to help us with his care. We looked at several facilities and not one of them gave us that"our child will be safe and cared for" feeling...that is, until we came to Pine Tree Montessori ( best Montessori preschool) We were immediately taken with the family atmosphere and the warmth and affection they provided the children in their care. After taking a tour, we instantly knew this was where we wanted our child to spend his days while we were at work.
My son started going to Pine Tree the next day and stayed until he finished Kindergarten. He was loved and cared for just as he would have been had he been at home, but here he learned so much and he also met several lifetime friends. In fact, he met his best friend, Michael, here on his first day and they are still inseparable. My son is now in 3rd grade and he'd still be the first one to tell you how much he loved going to Pine Tree. The best Montessori preschool)

3. "Pine Tree Preschool (best Montessori) is a remarkable Preschool and Kindergarten. Both of my kids attended from the time they were 2 1/2 until they went off to first grade. It was very hard to say goodbye. The people at Pine Tree are very genuine, nurturing and caring. and much kinder than other preschools. You can tell they really care about the kids and do a lot for them. They provide home cooked lunches, a very clean environment. great preparation for elementary school, and fun activities for the kids. I knew from the first time I visited that it was a great place. I never had any concerns or worries while my kids were under their care and my kids thoroughly enjoyed their experience at Pine Tree."

4. "When I took my child to Pine Tree Montessori (best Montessori in Orange County) I felt like am leaving her with family. You are assured that they are well take care of and safe. The three years my daughter went to Pine Tree were wonderful for her and us. She not only learned so much to prepare her for first grade but she was in a loving and safe environment. She learned both academics and so much about life too, she made great friends, loved her teachers, even learned great eating habits. The staff at Pine Tree (best preschool) work hard at making sure the children learn and have fun at the same time."

5. "We did not want to have to leave our son with daycare, but staying home wasn't an option. Our son started Pine Tree (best preschool in orange co.) when he was 10- week old and is still attending as a toddler. We love the professional environment that provides accountability combined with nurturing family style of love and care that the staff provide. Our son absolutely adores everyone there, especially Fadia. It's great to drop him off and see him run to the teacher with open arms. We highly recommend Pine Tree."

6. "Pine Tree (the best preschool) played a huge role in raising our 1st. daughter and now we feel comfortable entrusting them with our 2nd. Our first daughter says they are the best teacher she has had so far!"

7. "At Pine Tree Montessori, (best Montessori) our son blossomed from a quiet, shy toddler into a curious and interactive young boy, he continues to develop education and social skills at Pine Tree's family-like nurturing environment. She makes sure the kids learn good eating habits and staff as a whole instills manners."

8. "I love PINE TREE MONTESSORI. (best montessori in orange co.) It has been like an extended family since day one. I will never feel as comfortable with any other school as I do with all the teachers. PINE TREE Is a very caring and nurturing school with good ethics and morals. Excellent"

9. "Our son has been with growing and learning at Pine Tree Montessori (best preschool) since he was 6 months old. Over the past two years we continue to be impressed with the care he receives. He truly enjoys spending time with all of the staff. We are blessed to have found such a caring environment. "

10. "As a first-time mother I was faced with many challenges right from the beginning. one thing I never wanted to do was have to send my son to daycare. The thought of having someone else nurture and care for my son was not one I was eager to participate in.
It wasn't before my need for childcare became a necessity and my son was only 7 months old! After searching high and low, I found Pine Tree and thank God I did! From the first-time I walked in with my son and husband we were impressed. The environment was exactly what we were looking for. Nicer and kinder than other preschools The staff was courteous and caring and very respectful of my needs and my son's needs. Right away we felt confident to leave him in their care. We have continuously been impressed and satisfied. He comes home tired, happy, and excited to go back. I couldn't ask for a better home away from home than Pine Tree." (best Montessori)

11. "As a new mother I was nervous to have someone other than myself care for my children. I found the next best thing to me at Pine Tree Montessori. (best preschool in orange county) The staff are so nurturing and caring for both of my girls. from each stage of life and transition period the school is amazing. They helped with potty training, teaching them to read and write, even tie their shoes. home cooked meals are the icing on the cake. Thank You Pine Tree Montessori for blessing my family."

12. "If you are looking for a day care facility for your kids in North Orange County, please consider Pine Tree. This is a special place and I consider myself fortunate to have found it. I was a customer for 3 years my son attended form birth to age 3, and my daughter from 3 to 6. Home cooked lunch, family interaction, loving and honest. Pine Tree, the best preschool, has been and is family run for ages and belongs in a class by itself."

13. "At Pine Tree Montessori (the best preschool) they definitely have the children best interest at heart. They take pride in the work they do with the children. Not only do they teach academics but life lessons are taught as well. I feel that they treat my daughter as one of their family. From the smell of the fresh home cooked meals to the cleanliness of the halls I know that every attention to detail is being take care of."

14. "My kids have been enrolled at Pine tree Preschool four years ago since then I have been very pleased with the service and treatment of my kids. I drive from Anaheim city to bring my kids to the school. When a child wakes up in the morning and asks to go to school then you can tell how much fun and good time they are having at school. My husband and I always recommend Pine Tree best preschool in Orange County. Thank you staff of Pine Tree for everything you have done for my family."

15. "Pine Tree was the perfect environment for my son. My son was very active, and I was scared to put him in a daycare where they wouldn't let him be free to be himself. Pine Tree Montessori, the best preschool, was the perfect place for him, they let him be active, but at the same time gave him the discipline and guidance he needed to be a kinder little person. I was able to see first hand, how my son was able to explore and discover his surroundings at his new daycare just like he was able to do at home. He enjoyed his time at Pine Tree with his new friends. He also loved all the caregivers that cared for him."

16. "We love Pine Tree Montessori, (the best preschool) We do not think of it as a school or daycare but part of our family. We are very lucky to have our children here. We have peace of mind they both are well taken care of."
Thank you Pine Tree.

17. "Pine Tree is a great preschool. My kids and I have learned a lot. Isaias and Danielle are having a great fun time and enjoying every minute of their time at the school. My son never eat vegetables before and now he loves vegetables. I do not know what Miss Fadia did to convert him. we love you guys!"

18. "Pine Tree is not just a school; it is a foundation for a great future of learning. The environment at Pine Tree is on of creativity, experience and kinder love. It is where caring teachers in small classes inspire children to curious, ask lots of question and appreciate all cultures. They learn hands-on about the earth, how a garden grows, how animals live and most importantly how to respect each other. Thank you, for caring for our children, preparing them home-made lunches (fresh from the garden which the children planted) and encouraging them to be their best."

22. Dear Pine Tree,
I would like to finally say Thank You. Thank you for taking such great care of our son Dean. Dean has been coming to Pine Tree since the day you opened. He even came before you opened to see what a kinder greater facility it would be. We know that Dean will be safe in a comforting environment and we know that he will be well taken care of. We trust all of you at Pine Tree and know that you are taking good care of him and that he is getting the kind of care only a family can give. Dean really likes Pine Tree and all the people here. I know he likes playing with all his friends and likes learning all the new things he has learned over the past few months. He knows how to spell his name and knows his alphabet and numbers. this school is so special to us because of all of the people that work here. We love the reason you came to open this daycare. We think that family is the most important thing in the world and if Dean can't be with his family during the work hours then I'm happy he is with one of the best families we know. We are just really grateful for all the tings you have helped us with and all the things you are helping Dean with. So once again Thank You!

23. "After interviewing all the other Montessori preschools in the area, the last one on our list was Pine Tree Montessori, Yorba Linda. From the moment we walked into the school we knew this was the THE school to choose.
The school is owned and run by two generations of the same family. Each baby and child is greeted by name, even before they can talk; and very quickly falls in love with this extraordinary family. The teachers are well qualified in early childhood education and employee turn-over rate is low. Each child is encouraged to play and learn at their ow pace. Discipline is fair and consistent and regular communication between parents and teachers is welcomed.
The best place for children is with THEIR own family, however, if this is not possible, choose the Pine Tree Family where your child will be nurtured, cared for and will be ready and happy to face each and every new challenge."

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