Stages of Development

New Born and Up
6 Months and Up
12 Months and Up
18 Months and Up

Stages of development

New Born and Up

Babies are born with the ability to hear, see, taste and touch, and from the beginning they are intrigued by the sights, sounds and textures around them! Every day brings new surprises: that tiny hand reaches out to clutch your finger. Those trusting eyes gaze lovingly into yours.An amazing transformation occurs during the first 6 months, as the baby becomes more and more active. His personality gradually emerges and he begins to soak up information as he interacts with his surroundings.
our choice of toys introduces a whole range of sensory experience, combining sounds and colors that will encourage your developing baby to explore his world at his own pace.

6 months and Up

At half-year mark, baby turns into quite the social butterfly, vocalizing her emotions with shrieks, grunts, sighs and chortles. She becomes quite intrigued with her reflection in a mirror and can use her thumb and forefinger to pick up small items, beginning to develop fine motor skills, such as control of head and arm movements. She may also become attached to a favorite stuffed animal or blanket. Watch her face as she bangs objects and drops them on the floor... she is beginning yo make the connection between cause and effect. Now is a good time to start cultivating language skills. Most of our toys, at PINE TREE MONTESSORI are decorated with letters and numbers for this very reason. We use vinyl books or cloth toys, rubber or foam building blocks, made especially for this age group.

12 months and Up

"Bundle of Energy" best describes your one-year old, who by now understands much of what you are saying and can babble back a word or two. He learns to walk, unsteadily at first, but with increasing skill as he never tires of practicing. Babies this age love nesting cups and stacking rings or blocks, toys that squeak, containers to fill and empty again, and toys cars they can push around. The toys used at PINE TREE MONTESSORI for this age group are designed to develop your baby's balance and fine motor abilities as well as his perceptual and language skills and his awareness of spatial relation relationships. Daily play and activities will keep them observing, thinking, doing and growing into an attentive and curious learner.


18 months and Up

Your baby has become a toddler and a whole new world has opened up to him. He is becoming increasingly independent and mobile: He can jump, take off his clothes and open doors. He is making amazing cognitive leaps and his ability to understand grows daily. We stimulate your baby by singing with her, encouraging her to draw simple shapes and naming objects as we point them out.

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